About Me

If you were to ask me to describe one of my favorite childhood outfits, I would immediately begin to describe the dress I picked out for the first day of fourth grade. [Sigh]…It was PERFECT! A simple black cotton top with a scoop-neck and cap sleeves connected to a knee length floral A-line skirt that was supported by black tulle, causing it to bounce in simple perfection as I was chased by the boys at recess. It was love at first site, a match made in heaven and made me feel like a flawless princess.
If this was a Hollywood chick-flick, the story would end there…but this is not, this is a real life fashionista drama, and in order to understand the end, you must first understand the beginning. I am the youngest of two girls, my older sister, 3 years older than I. Much of my childhood fashion memories include deceitful raids of my sister’s closet for my daily outfit and throwing a fit with my mother about my need to have better items than my sister’s “last year” wardrobe. BUT, fourth grade was different. Fourth grade became the year my mother gave me a budget to independently select and purchase my own school clothes.

I dreamt for days about colors, patterns and textures, tagging pages in the Sears and JC Penny catalog and envisioning how much better the fourth grade would be. When shopping day arrived, we piled into the hatchback Subaru and drove to a nearby town that had much better shopping options than our own – a town with a JC Penny. I immediately noticed the dress as we approached the children’s section. My heart began to beat a little faster and my stomach filled with young-love butterflies; I NEEDED IT. I proudly made my purchase, spending my entire budget on the dress that promised me a happily-ever-after ending. The only problem was that somewhere along the line, I had deceived myself into believing my mother would toss me some extra money for a few other items. Come to find out, this was not the case. and I was left with a single item for the school year (first-world problems, right?).

Despite the “tragedy” of my fourth grade wardrobe, I learned very quickly the art of budgeting and of creativity. I hope you enjoy my attempt at capturing both within this blog. Thank each of you for stopping by, spending some time and most importantly supporting me in this journey.

This is me at Red Rocks attempting to catch rain in my mouth…