An Overall Gift

Halloween is one of the BEST times to thrift – large sections full of vintage, unique, handmade items are just waiting to be sifted through. Stores withhold many of the best pieces all year round to inspire you with ideas for this one day! If full suspenders, bowties, chunky jewelry, hats, weathered jeans, fun colors and fringe and most people pass right by the section believing it is only filled with princess dresses and karate uniforms.

After months of searching for the perfect pair of overalls, the halloween section came through providing me with these 90s bibs. Overalls are tricky. They highlight our most unflattering areas and are often look baggy and sloppy. This pair reminded me more of jeans with suspenders, selling me the second I noticed them.





H&M Blanket Scarf, Goodwill – $2

Fredrick’s of Hollywood overalls, ARC thrift – $4

Delias lace crop, ARC thrift – $2

Crown Vintage sandals, Savers – $3.50

Banana Republic leather bag, Goodwill – $3.50

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  1. Hi there! Love the whole look, particularly the scarf! I just moved to Denver from the SF Bay Area, and one thing I have noticed about thrifting here is that the stores (particularly Arc Thrift) hoard all their vintage and then put it out for Halloween. I’ve never seen that before! Seriously, ALL of it! What do you think about the rest of the year, who has the best vintage? I go to DAV Mountain Thrift in Lakewood, and of course both Savers in Littleton and Highlands Ranch.

    1. Hey Carlyn – thanks for swinging by the blog and WELCOME to Denver! That scarf is also one of my favorites. 🙂 You are pretty much right on the money in terms of Halloween being the prime time for vintage, especially at the ARC. It sounds like you have already explored some of the best thrifting in Denver – obviously not new at this. In terms of the rest of the year, you just have to hunt more than you do at Halloween time. Mountain Thrift is definitely the my go to for vintage, but I’ve have also found some classic pieces at the ARC throughout the year. Outside of that, I would really recommend Mile High Thrift if you haven’t made it there yet. They are not vintage-heavy, but if you are looking for high-end classic pieces, they are probably one of the best. Lastly, don’t forget about Goodwill, always the classic. I do believe that Denver has some of the best Goodwills in this country and they do so many amazing things for the community, it is a double bonus! Just checked out our IG and blog, love it!

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