Islamic Relief Thrift Store – London

Have you ever felt like everyone was hiding something from you? That you were the last to know a secret? If so, you can empathize with my pain. As I mentioned in a previous post (here), I made sure I did my research before departing to London. I spent days googling charity shops and the Islamic Relief Thrift Store didn’t make a single appearance. Let me tell you…this may be London’s best kept thrift secret!

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I randomly stumbled upon this store during my taxi ride to the East End Thrift Store, which I reviewed here. All I can say is GOOOOOOO! There are about thirteen locations scattered throughout England, but a handful of those are in London. Well organized, clean, friendly and with prices that will make you feel like you’re stealing, these stores do no disappoint. Oh, and did I mention they iron everything before they put it on the floor?! This is really a no brainer!



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  1. Mandy, this makes me wish I lived in London to try this! I have a secret thrift store in Chicago that I only tell very special people about because it is that good. Also, looking for a rundown on the best Parisian thrift and vintage shops… feeling like there might be an industry selling Travel Thrifting Trips…

    1. Awe! Thanks, honey! I am absolutely hitting you up next time I am in Chicago. I love the hole in the wall, unknown thrift stores. I was actually just in Paris a month ago and didn’t make it to any thrift stores. I read up a lot before going, but it really appeared that there are more high end vintage stores than anything else. They are however, really well known for great flea markets and I can imagine there are many treasures there! I would give anything to get paid to thrift internationally.

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