Only superheroes wear capes. I’m no superhero, but simply a rule-breaker. However, I do have some superheroes in my life and since I’ve never seen them wear capes, I’m doing it for them.


Superhero #1: my mom and step-dad. Most people collect shot glasses or thimbles, these two collect people. Over the years not only have they raised myself and my sister, they’ve also housed and cared for an aunt, a couple cousins, a nephew and now a two year old. Yeah, you thought your parents were awesome, try living up to that!

Superhero #2: my dad and step-mom. Since they live so close they bail me out of every house crisis I’ve had. “Hey, my hot water heater went out this morning, can you go to the house, meet they guy, pay for it and get me a receipt?” Additionally, when they housed me as a “failure to launch” adult, they would kindly and gently wake me with the smell of fresh fried bacon.

Superhero #3: my sister and brother-in-law. Blended family extrodinaires. Their marriage made it through raising not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 teenagers…AT ONE TIME!


Superhero #4: my boyfriend. He dates me, thats enough for two capes. Basically raising two ten-year-olds, his son and myself, his patience goes far beyond what is required. HANGER is a real emotion.

Superhero #5: my veterans. Some of the most courageous, humble, other-centered people I’ve ever met in my life. Many of them witnessing things by their mid-twenties, that will forever change them as people and how they interact in our world. Despite that, they come to meet with me, overly concerned that their use of services will only take from others that “really need it”.



Cape (no brand) – Mountain Thrift – $3

Hollister chambray – Savers – $3

Madewell jeans – Goodwill Denver – $6

Blossom boots – Goodwill Denver – $6

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