Smooth Criminal

Your Honor, I’m really sorry and I’m not a criminal. You see, I have this blog about thrift fashion and it really was an innocent mistake that I was on private property using their walls as my back drop. Yes, yes, I understand it looked weird that I had a camera on a tripod and was weaving in and out of their building structures. I really was just looking for the perfect light as photos are really important when it comes to blogging. Yes, I did tell the security guard that I thought it was public property. It was honestly just the first thing that came out of my mouth when he told me they were not comfortable with me toting my camera and taking photos around their facility. I do understand I am at risk for a trespassing charge and will proceed with my photos in a public area. Thank you.

Somedays you accept a┬ásingle photo and appreciate the fact that you aren’t wearing used underwear with a cellmate named Slasher.


Hat – $2 – Goodwill Denver

De Rotchild Sweater – $2 – Savers (Chicago)

Milly purse – $3 – Goodwill Denver

Limited skirt – $5 – Goodwill Denver

Banana Republic tights (clearance) – $2 – Banana Republic Outlet

Dries Von Noten shoes – Deja Blue (Goodwill Denver’s upscale boutique) – $60

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    1. Of course! Do you follow me on IG? I put up a close up there. I can’t figure out how to attach on this comment. I’ll try again when I get to the laptop!

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