A Very Unaccomplished 2015


Based on social media, 2016 will be full of spinach-eating, stomach-crunching, bucket-list-completing, time-sensitive people. It’ll create deeper-loving, softer-speaking, louder-laughing, happier individuals. If you are like me, most of these goals will be dropped by February 29 and become suppressed memories by March 1st. In an effort to support those a little less ambitious, I’ve listed all my (non)accomplishments of 2015.

  1. I gained at least 10 lbs and every sprinkled donut has been worth it
  2. Barely travelled and because I was so busy not traveling I…
  3. Barely worked out, but I did eat a lot of great donuts, (please see #1)
  4. Got myself in more debt by wrecking my car and purchasing a new one. However, I’m now safe on snow packed roads and my mom sleeps better at night because of it
  5. Spent 8 months contemplating the purpose to life at 32, only to turn 33 and still have no answers, except how great donuts really are

Don’t be alarmed though! I’ve taken a new approach for 2016, making a resolution that is easier to achieve and offers a lot less room for error. Be present, be kind (and when you’re not, enjoy a donut).

Blazer, Blue Suede, classic, white button down, thrift, thrift fashion, thrifted, citizens, skinnies and blazer


Blue Suede Blazer (no tag) – Savers Thrift – $7

Mossimo Supply Co. shirt (new with tags) – Goodwill – $5

Necklace – Goodwill Denver – $2.50

Citizen of Humanity Jeans – Mountain Thrift – $10

Shoes (brand unknown) – Mountain Thrift – $5

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  1. Love you AND your writing, and of course your donut eating! Have I somehow managed to not take you to the amazing Donut House here, open 24/7 at that! Can’t wait to go shopping with you!

    1. Awe, thanks girl! And EXCUSE ME…24 hours, probably with seating. Until Washington and I meet again, maybe we should have a planned donut and FaceTime date. Huh? Huh? xoxo

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