Spring Greens & Winter Blues

Denver has had incredible late fall weather this year – a snow fall here or there and sun all the time. Instead of being overwhelmed with bulky coats and snow boots, I’ve been able to incorporate many of my spring favorites into the colder months, including these light green pants.

I tend to not be a “rule follower” when it comes to fashion, firmly believing that confidence in myself as a person allows all rules to be thrown out. Iris Aphel, one of my fashion icons, said it best, “There is no how-to road map to style. Its about self-expression and above all attitude”. So spring colors in the late fall, why not?


Although I wanted to sport spring greens, I did not want to scream it, so I paired them with a plaid blanket scarf and darker cardigan so they became the accent to the upper half of the outfit. Overall – comfy, cozy and warm.

Stayed tuned because the weather is not going to stay this nice, eventually dumping plenty of snow and my Joan of Arctic $10 Sorels are begging to make an appearance.

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