Coming out of the closet – Part 1

Back in April, my roommate moved out after buying her own condo (yay, Tracy)! Tracy had lived with me for 2 years and was the EASIEST roommate ever. I contemplated another roommate, but decided to end on a high note – leaving me with an empty bedroom. It sat empty for several months because unlike my amazing fellow instagrammers, I don’t have a nesting nature. I often sift through IG and Pinterest photos admiring others talent to decorate and design masterpieces in their houses – leaving inspired. That’s about where it ends though.

I own a 1950s house and it has small closets – really small closets, creating a fashion nightmare. With a trail of shoes from the front door, to the bedroom, to the kitchen, my house had become a modern day Hansel and Gretel story. Clothes were so tight in the closet that I could barely shift them to find an outfit in the morning and my living room became the dumping groundsĀ for the frantic morning purse exchange. When I finally lost all tolerance for the chaos, I decided to create a practical space where I was able to get lost in animal prints and color schemes. I actually impressed my non-nesting self with the results. For the next several weeks, I’ll be highlighting a part or piece of my closet, starting with DIY wall racks.


Going into the project, I knew I wanted several displays that would allow me to visualize fashion combinations. Searching for something that could be mounted on the wall, these racks seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It took me several thrift trips to find all four of them, but was not a difficult search at all.

These wall mountings are really simple. The only two items you will need to construct them are hooks and wire racks (see close up photos below)IMG_8223I purchase a package of mug hooks at he hardware store for about $3.


I bought the racks at the Goodwill of Denver for $1 each.

IMG_8233Simply screw in the hooks and hang the racks – WA LAH!

I did not reinforce the hooks in anyway as I knew I would be hanging a small about of weight and I did not spend much time on the pattern knowing what I hung on them would essentially set the tone of the project.

This project can be used in many ways. A tie display? A scarf display? Used in the kitchen for towels? Or in the bathroom for baskets? Simply use an S hook like the one here and the possibilities are endless. Dream on dreamers.

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