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I love layering – I mean, who doesn’t?! It’s one of the reasons we all look forward to the fall and winter. It transforms our closet and wardrobes into a creative jungle that we just aren’t able to achieve during the warmer months. As soon as I eyed these shorts at Mountain Thrift, I immediately knew they were perfect for colder months.

Color – I mean, c’mon, helllllllo! Mustard yellow? Everything about that color screams, “October, November and December!”

Length – Shorts are short…which is why they are named “shorts”. (Caption Obvious over here). For fall and winter, shorter is better. It elongates the lower parts of our body, creating legs for days. For people who don’t typically wear short shorts, colder months can be the exception to that. Since you are putting tights underneath them they are more forgiving, instantly providing a confidence boost.

Leg width – since they are pleated, these shorts wear more like a boot-cut short than a skinny-leg short. Ha. During the summer, although adorable, you must have some level of awareness about where and how you sit in them as they can easily expose more than intended. With tights, all of that fades away.

Skea Shimmies Sweater – Savers – $5

Banana Republic Floral Button Down – Goodwill – $2.50

Cartonnier Shorts – Mountain Thrift – $5

Tights (new in package) – Goodwill – $2

Socks (new in package) – ARC – $2

Amalfi Boots – Mile High Thrift – $7.50

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