The skinny on sheer black tights

Tights, tights, tights! You’re going to see them all over the place this winter with different colors and patterns. However, before the weather requires fleece-lined tights, embrace those sheer tights (yep, they used to be called nylons).

In my generation, it’s been somewhat of a fashion faux pa to wear tights with open-toed shoes. However, this year things are changing. The easiest way to sport the look is black on black. It’s a very small risk for most and can transition those summer heels into a chic fall vibe.


Black is one of the best ways to go beyond our fashion limits – pick a subtle pattern. I know its scary and if flowers are too much for you think about something like polka dots or ribbing.


Distressed denim and the “distress” that happens with wear presents an opportunity. For example, your big toe gets caught in the hole, naturally increasing their distress. Or, you squat to pick something up and several threads on the knee break. Overtime, they begin to take on new shape and form, but don’t throw them away! Its a perfect opportunity to show off some patterned, sheer tights.


Sheer tights are an inexpensive way to change up your wardrobe. I have found so many pairs brand new, in the package, including both pairs pictured above. Whether you thrift them or buy them in a retail store, I’d love to see how you style your sheer tights! Post below or tag me on FB or IG. Until next time, hang tight.


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  1. Hey! It’s the cashier from savers the other day. I love your blog. I also think I need to go find some new black tights now! Have an awesome day girl!

    1. Alex – I am SO glad you swung by the blog. Thanks for helping me make the final decisions on my items the other day! Rock those tights!

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