Outside the Box, Arm Warmers

If there was ever a left-sided only brain, I’m positive it is mine. Being creative has never been natural for me. Growing up I frequently opted out of band and art classes and as an adult I’ve admired those with effortless right-brain talent. Thrifting, however, seems to ignite a little creative spark, tapping into a part of myself that I have believed was nonexistent.


Just like any muscle, the brain must be exercised – thrifting is my brain cardio. I know its a stretch (pun intended), but there is some truth to it. Over the years, my eye for quality pieces and style has become fine tuned.


Several weeks ago at the ARC thrift, I was digging through a basket of tights and socks (often these items are new with tags attached) and my eye immediately caught the stripes on this “shirt” above. I picked them up thinking I had found the cutest pair of arm warmers ever! To my surprise, what I had actually found was a pair of baby leg warmers.

FullSizeRender 3

In the past my unexercised brain would’ve had me throw them right back in the basket and walk away disappointed that my find was not what I thought it was. This time though, I knew that they were keepers, despite their intended purpose.



Baby leg warmers come in so many different textures and styles now days that you just can’t go wrong. Plus, you’ll save a few bucks shopping in the children’s section. I hope each of you leave this post and run straight to the baby aisle in your nearest thrift or retail store, pick up a pair and sport them in a new and creative way.

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